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Designer On-Call

Sophisticated and Stylishly Elegant Interiors for Your Lifestyle
Why Use Time Blocks:

Many of our clients have requested to keep the treasured pieces they already have.  However, placing those pieces to create a cohesive design, in the room they have enjoyed for years, has eluded them.  Working with your lifestyle, we find the right furniture layout and the correct paint colors for you.  Then we provide you with professional interior styling and add a few new items to finish your home, all while tailoring it all to your specific design style.

Our clients like doing some of the work themselves but are looking for a direction and need focus.  We follow a strict set of processes for those clients that want to work on multiple projects.  We are problem solvers; we lay the foundation for a successful project and help our clients achieve a new design that works for them.

How It Works:

Starting with an initial consultation, we meet to review your scope, discuss budget, go over your application and project evaluation form then you are given our design profile questionnaire.  After the initial consultation, we meet your design profile consultation and review your design profile questionnaire where we classify your style and make necessary changes to the form. 

Once these two consultations are completed your free to use the hours as you need them.

Lets Get Started:

Step 1:  Schedule Your Initial Interior Design Consultation

Step 2:  We Will Send You Our Style Questionnaire

Step 3:  If You'd Like You Can Fill Out the Client Profile

Step 3:  Get Familiar with Our Process

Designer On-Call
Are Time Blocks for You:

For the client who may want a designer to select certain pieces for their home but does not need a full service single room design, our "Designer On Call" packages are time blocks (7, 10, 15, 20 hours - Book Online to see pricing) for you to use as you wish once you've been through the initial consultation and design profile consultation.  Buy just one or buy as you need them.  We create a solid foundation first as you work on project throughout your home you have a designer on call to help you with any area you require the advice of a designer.  Make informed decisions and have a designer at your side to make the big decisions to avoid any diy mistakes with color and style.

Examples of Services:
  • furniture floor plans

  • selecting lighting

  • custom window treatment design

  • partial room design

  • paint color / color palette development

  • wall gallery layout

  • custom furniture /  re-upholstery design

  • selecting a sofa or a bed

  • inspiration / mood board

  • accessorizing a nightstand

  • shopping with designer

  • in-home consultations

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