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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your business hours?

My regular business hours are Monday – Friday 10am to 4pm.  Occasionally, we extend my hours to 7am to 4pm during the construction phase.   Phone Calls, Texts, and Emails that are non-emergencies will be returned during regular business hours.

What is your preferred method of communication?

Often times we may not be in a place where we can answer your phone call, but we don’t want you to think your project is not important.  We may simple be at another job site or in a meeting where we cannot answer.  We prefer email as it is easier for me to send a quick message back.  Even though text messaging is convenient, they aren’t easily saved to refer back to at a later date.

Can you tell me what paint color you used or what granite is in that photo?

Each design is specifically tailored to our clients homes.  A successful design is to correct color coordination of materials under the specific lighting, architecture, and style of our clients homes.  Pulling one item out of the design will not create the same look in your home.  Instead we recommend you hire us to develop a success design tailored to your home.

How do we get started?

Book a Consultation click here

What happens at the first meeting?

We start by getting to know you and your project.  We will go over the scope of the project and if we have time we will go over the design questionnaire otherwise we will schedule a followup consultation to refine your design style.  Please note, the initial consultation is a meet and greet brainstorming session and not meant as a full design service with designing floor plans or specifications on the spot.  We will need to establish a design profile before we can provide design advice as to avoid an design errors.

How will I know what will happen during the project?

We follow the same process for all our clients, you can refer to The Process to know what to expect next.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call.

Can you give me an estimate right away?

I do not provide any bid estimates until after all the design is finalized.  If you need ballpark figures visit sites like Homewyze but note that pricing changes seasonally.

How do I know you will get my style right?

During the Programming Phase, we work with our clients to establish a design profile to help understand your likes and dislikes.  With the use of art history, we develop a style that is specific to you and what you are looking for achieve.  Most of our clients have a strong idea of what they like but are often surprised when we redefine their style from what they thought it was called.

What’s included in the Preliminary Design?

The Preliminary Design is one of the deliverables you receive during the design process.  We will include renderings, a layout/floorplan, a inspiration boards, and sourced samples. 

After the Preliminary Design, then what happens?

Once you receive the Preliminary Design, we give you time to review (anywhere between a week to three weeks) and look over everything.  Then we meet again to go over what you like and what may need to be changed before we finalize the design. 

While you’re creating my design, can I shop too?

As a general practice, it would be best if you leave all the shopping and sourcing of materials to your designer.  If you the client are searching for items on the internet or in store at the same time as we are developing your preliminary design concept you are missing out of the full benefits of hiring a designer.  If you pick something out and go so far as to purchase it, your heart will be set on using that item whether it works with the design or not.  You will be less open to the ideas/concepts we bring to you because you will have other items you would prefer instead.  We will need to redo the whole design to integrate this new item.  This may result in you being billed for two designs and will be twice the amount of hours.  My best advice is to wait and be surprised about the amazing design and materials we present to you after developing your design.  If you don’t like what we present to you, we will resource up to three items at no additional charge.  Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us!

Where do you shop?

As a design firm, depending upon your budget our goal is to create a custom designed space so we shop at designer/trade showrooms or online specialty shops that cater directly to the design trade.  Although we do shop retail once in a while, we don’t shop for tile at your local home improvement store.  We are sure you’d prefer if you sister-in-law didn’t say “oh I saw that tile at Home Depot.”

Can you tell me where your showrooms are so I can go look?

Although we appreciate you enthusiasm to get started, as a designer thats not how we design, visiting showrooms is ususally the last thing we do as we are very familiar with the product our showrooms carry.  We always recommend to our clients that we finish the design before going to see any items in person.

What’s included in the Finalized Design?

After narrowing down the Preliminary Design, a Finalized Design is fully developed.  Here is what’s included: one set of the final floor plan, lighting plan, dimension plan, flooring layout plan, a 2d elevations or a 3d rendering and a Spec Sheet which will list each material.

What other items need to be finalized?

Usually we take my clients to the stone slab yard to pick out the exact pieces and meet with the fabricator to review the layout of pieces with you.  We also like to go over the kitchen cabinets with our clients at the cabinet shop, this is where you get to see the options available to you in person.  You will sign off on the plans and we will get started with the bidding process.  We may need to visit designer exclusive showrooms where you will be able to accompany me.  Custom furnishings, fabric sample selections, and window treatments will need to be reviewed, signed off on, and payment received before ordering.

Can I buy all the items you pick though you?

As a design firm, we hold a sellers permit which allows us to obtain products at pricing not available to the general public.  Many items we select are designer exclusive products and can only be purchased though a designer.

Do you offer any discounts?

We share a portion on the discounts we receive from vendors.  Please review the contract for specific details.

Can I email or text you questions about the design?

Our policy is to only discuss rescheduling and project coordination via text and email.  While you may like to get a quick response in regard to a design question often times we may be at another meeting with a client or out sourcing product which means we would not have your design right in front of us at that time.  If you have a design related question or want us to review something, please schedule an in-home consultation for us to discuss and review all items on the design in person and at one time.

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