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Interior Design Consultation

Our Interior Design Consultations are customized to start your design project.
Why is a Interior Design Consultation for You: 
  • First consultation for a large project

  • One time consultation for smaller project

  • Get to know the designer

  • Design idea generating session

  • Learn about the design process

  • Get actionable design advice

  • Review your design style

  • Design help for DIY clients

  • Ask any questions you have

What To Expect:
  • Meet and Greet

  • Home Tour

  • Discuss Your Goals

  • Review Client Profile Form

  • Review Project Evaluation Form

  • Designer Takes Photos

  • Review, Sign Contract, and Place Deposit on Design Fees

  • Client Receives Design Profile Questionnaire

  • Schedule Followup Consultation to Start Project

Interior Design Consultation
Schedule Your Consultation:

Step 1:  Schedule Your Interior Design Consultation

Step 2:  We Will Send You Our Style Questionnaire

Step 3:  If You'd Like You Can Fill Out the Client Profile

Step 3:  Get Familiar with Our Process

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