3 Reasons Why You Can't Figure Out Whats Wrong With Your Space

Have you ever wondered what’s the missing link, why can’t I finish my room off to look like a professionally designed space.

You’ve lived in your space now for a few years, you’ve got the basics but your done trying to figure this out, you just can’t get it.

1. You live and see your space everyday. Your there looking at it and you make a change here or there but it’s still not right. A designer sees your space for the first time, they run their processes and start to analyze the challenges of what can and can’t be done. From working design after design, it’s just easier for us. There’s no quick answer that comes with design. Maybe you think just need to pick the brain of a designer. But trust me it won’t work either. Design is an evaluation process, each designer works different but it’s still a process starting with. ....visualization in our brains ....to a design on paper ....to a real living product.

2. You Analyze Each Piece: Interior Design is like an art piece. It’s not one stroke of the brush with one paint color. What creates that art piece, what makes its speak to you, what draws you in is the piece as a whole. Interior Design is only successful when the items are put together to create one piece of art. You can take out one brush stroke of one color, the balance, the scale, the whole design of the art piece has turned to something completely different.

3. Analysis Paralysis: Many Designer also have this problem with an inability to design their own space. So don’t feel alone. We have access to so much product, we love everything. But designing means saying yes to somethings and no to others. And if your not ready to say no, you will change your mind, regret your purchases, or be stuck at the analyzing stage because either you enjoy it or you just can’t see past the problems your space has. Like I said many designers also have this problem so don’t feel bad. I feel fortunate that I don’t have this problem because I do see it happen when I first meet my clients and my goal is to pull them out and get them to a place that they feel confident in moving forward. I don't want them to miss any more days of living in and enjoying a finished space.

If you think your having these problems, call us and schedule your inital consultation and lets get moving to fix your space and make it beautiful.


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