5 Reasons Why You Need a Paint Consultation

Paint Color Consultation

We've all seen it. Those color swatches painted on the wall. You go to the paint store selects some paint chips, then head back to the store to pick up sample cans, and put swatches on the wall because that's what you see everyone else doing.

(Photo: An Interior Designer's Paint Chip Kit for In-Home Consultations, We Pull Off a Tab and Leave It With You)

But are you really selecting paint colors right?

Chances are NO!

And here is why....

Reason #1:

You need a professional to evaluate the paint color undertones.

Each paint color has a base color that can conflict with other colors in the room.

Reason #2:

Color is specific to each home and each room.

What works in one home may not work in your home because of the type of lighting your home receives.

Reason #3:

You need a trained professional to analyze the colors already in your home.

Those same base colors are in other parts of your home and they need to match.

Reason #4:

Where you put your paint swatches is important.

An interior designer can help you pick the right place to paint your swatches for your room (because each room comes with its own challenges).

Reason #5:

Your missing a few very important check and balances.

You've got your swatches on the walls, now what? We offer our clients a "What To Do After Your Paint Consultation" Guide because we want you to take the right steps in analyzing the colors, take the confusion out of the process, and we want to help you make sure your contractor paints the right color. We also offer a Recheck Color Consultation.

If you need an In-Home Color Consultation fill out our Client Profile Form and get started today.

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