5 Tips to Improve the Functionality of Your Home

5 Tips to Improve the Functionality of Your Home

Have you ever just been so frustrated with how an area of you room was working you headed straight to the store looking for a solution.

You’re not alone!

How does interior design relate to how your home functions:

1. Human ergonomics: the way out your joints work, the standard length of your arms. All the abilities and limitations of the human body go into the design of your home and were a part of the course work during my design program.

2. Work spaces and human interaction: how people work in a kitchen together, how people move in a living room, entertaining and group gathering in areas within each room.

3. Patterned behavior and repetitive activities: Putting the dishes in the dishwasher, entering a room to sit on a sofa, watching tv. Inadequate space, things located in the wrong areas in relation to eachother, and the wrong height of items means a bad interior design.