A Local Riverside Home Remodel

I’ve had the pleasure of working all throughout Southern California on a variety of projects, so when I get a client in town it’s always fun to absorb the local culture and the identity that comes from this beautiful town: Riverside, California.

From driving down the divided road of Victoria Ave seeing the orange groves and horse ranches to curving down the streets lined with mature pine trees in Canyon Crest (where I once lived) to the architecture of yester year in downtown and the wood streets (where I live now)... the history here is rich and diverse.

This town has a strong place-based culture a core biophilic design element. Anywhere you go you’ll see a raincross proudly displaced on a house. I call it a town as it has that small town feel, neighbors know each other wave and smile (not a common trait for Southern California).

(photo of kitchen)

Living and working in town is always an amazing experience no matter what the project.

When I got this project, I was super excited to help my clients create a unique home that reflected their style. For this whole home remodel like many other clients of mine, they tried designs from the local big box store. But when you go to those places, what’s not addressed is the whole property.

Every project needs a cohesive, focused design. While many free designers may come to your home do a consultation to understand the project more, not many will go that extra leg that means addressing the everything with the project because they are only their to design with the products they sell. We stay involved during the whole process, visit the job site regularly and are available from small decisions when the walls are pulled apart to being available for your trades when they have questions. Full service design means we look at everything and we are there from start to finish.

Going beyond the basic floorplan layout, we discuss new options, current cabinetry trends, and tile patterns. We can source your tile for you or collaborate together on selections. Maybe with your project, like this one, doors need to be moved, or maybe we need to discuss different option layouts, or maybe the style needs examined deeper to make sure the architectural elements don’t conflict with the interior elements.

All of these we address during our unique pre-design process a process we have worked hard to develop. With years of experience comes years of knowledge in how to on board clients and what needs a discussion before I can even open my cad program to start designing. Its not unheard of to have this pre-design phase can take a few weeks or even a few months for really large projects while we work the process which starts with me analyzing the uniqueness of the property and my clients. This is not always the case with other designers who meet once or maybe twice and start right away. During the years we’ve come to realize it’s just not possible to accurately find a clients style and address all the necessary things which help us get acquainted with you and your project in one or two meetings. We like working with our clients hand in hand going over details options and we hope you will too.

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Handling a whole home remodel takes a level of expertise that comes from experience that we have gained over the years. That experience includes:

  • working with trades

  • designing a number of different styles

  • understanding how things are constructed, just to name a few

This home is starting to take shape with the walls moved and set for the framing to be complete, a fun stage where a house start feeling like a home. I get really attached to each project as it has its own identity, almost personified.

I hope my clients are enjoying it as much as I am as all these moments are important milestones in the process. Interested in starting your project, book us online.

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