A Whole Home Color Palette

Have you ever been frustrated when you saw something in a store that you loved and bought it, only to come home and find out the color doesn’t go with the rest of you home?

Color is a Very Tricky Element in Any Home Design

From paint colors to the colors in your furnishings, every item registers a color in your color palette. It’s easy be a shade or tone off and that can create an unbalanced color palette. Lighting can also play a role in why those mistakes happen. Lighting changes how our eye perceives color and most stores have green fluorescent lighting compared to regular indoor lighting in your house with a warm Tuscan glow that comes from bulbs and lamp shades.

Establishing a Color Palette is a Part of Our Full Service Design

Staying on track with your room design can be difficult without an established color palette your working from and without a whole home color palette from an interior designer, you can easily find yourself wasting money and in over your head.

Two Factors Involved in a Successful Color Palette Include Color Undertones and Your Design Style.

Developing a cohesive color palette requires a training eye and knowledge of style.

Here’s how:

- Color undertones are how colors that are completely different still manage to go together. Two colors with different undertones create a deep conflicting contrast which create an unsoothing appearance.

- Not all color palettes go with every interior design style. Some colors a type specific. By introducing the wrong color you may be introducing a different design style. For example, you can use mild tones for a traditional room but when you introduce a high saturation color that’s meant for another style like a transitional space, your style becomes confused. Even further, some color palettes are in style and trending, others are out date your home.

Color palette trends go in and out.

Some trend by decade: we all remember the greens and yellows of the 1970’s and there's the dominant peach tones of the 1990’s. Although the use of different design styles has expanded since then, we still see certain tones of colors shifting in and out of popularity.

When you become a full service design client, you get all the advantages that don’t come from a single one time consultation.

During our full service design process, the color palette is checked several times to make sure the colors of materials coordinate. If your looking to establish a whole home color palette for your space, contact us so we can get started on transforming your interior.

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