Collaborating With Clients

Have you ever wondered how it is to work with an interior designer?

Are you concerned they won’t allow you to have input?

We are very different than other designers in how we work. We take our pre-design processes from the green building industry.

From the beginning of getting to know a client, we use several meeting to address your projects needs. This is not common as many designer don’t know what the programming stage of design really is.

  • Some designers go straight to designing after one meeting.

  • Some designers won’t even do an in home meeting and just do everything via email or a software program

  • Some designers don’t address the exterior landscaping or architecture of the home, the need to move walls, building code issues.

  • Some designer implement their signature style and aren’t looking for clients projects which change the cohesive look of their portfolio.

These issues are common with free in store or showroom design services at they are limited to addressing the product sale they are trying to get. The problem is this leads many issues for you to handle that your problem unaware of. Many of our clients have used these services before hiring us. The designs we produce end up being drastically different.

What the green building processes have taught us is that it’s essential to have all parties meet and address the project needs from the beginning before an selection of products or any renderings can be produced.

From discussing and establishing a set of goals to doing quick sketch idea generating sessions to a written directive of those goals on paper, starting a project on a solid foundation means success in reaching those goals.

Collaborating With Clients, What We Do:

  • We meet to get to know you and get acquainted with your project.

  • We schedule a measure appointment or full site survey.

  • We start our unique collaborative charette meeting series. We establish a design framework and style profile.

  • Then we start developing the design.

  • We offer the option of collaborative showroom and sourcing trips depending on the clients interest in being involved in that section of the design. The most common option is we source a few selections and present those options to our clients.

  • After construction starts we are available for on site collaborating and visit the project every 1-3 weeks depending of progress.

Each clients charette meetings vary based on project type. Typically clients need from 2-5 charette meetings but it’s not unheard of to have more. Example meetings include:

  • design, trade, contractor team meetings (may include multiple meetings)

  • quick sketch sessions

  • design framework and style profile review and sign off

  • additional specialty meetings may be required (health, wellness, biophilic design)

Our clients/stakeholders stay involved by attend these charette meetings and are a respected part of the design process. Our charette process has been developed over the years as clients have show us what they need and how they want to be involved. Regardless of project type a solid foundation created with the charette process keeps the design inline with our clients needs.

We really the process and hope you will too. We look forward to working with you.

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