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Having a formal education in art history means our understanding of what motifs blend with your style and which distract from the beauty.

What does this mean?

A detail as simple as the door case moulding or the wrong style lamp or the wrong finish on a mirror in the bathroom .....and your room style is thrown off.

We want to see the design of your home as a true textbook example of your style.

How do we do this and do it successfully?

Here’s how....

When working with McManaway Interior Design, we categorize your style with you before any design selections are made.

You get to approve the classification and elements, motifs, patterns, color themes in your design style profile (also offered as an individual service).

Once we have the design style profile done, that’s when the design process begins! You might hear this called the programming stage by other designers. And you may have wondered by all this heavy work before even selecting items. Its all necessary to not sourcing out of category and what often makes what an interior designer does a lot different than the way a diyer does. Also note this is only a portion of the programming stage.

Now on to the design....We will either create the whole design for you or offer you multiple options in a step by step process for each item that fit your style profile.

Get the benefit of a designer who knows the history of interiors and where the items you love originated from!

Start your project today, check out our different services for all budget levels from e-design to full service design-build. Visit our services page or contact us to discuss your project.

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