Hiring an Interior Designer: What Happens First?

Are you building a new home? Been in your home for awhile and need design help? Or maybe you just moved into your home? Hiring an Interior Designer can take all the guess work out of your project.

Design decisions can be overwhelming:

  • Decorating your walls

  • Adding window treatments

  • Coming up with a paint color scheme

  • Picking out new furniture

  • Selecting flooring, cabinetry, and counter tops

  • Creating a furniture floor plan

  • Styling your home with accessories

Throw in the DIY towel

....and when your ready to hire McManaway Interior Design, this is how we start:

We start all clients with an initial interior design consultation (2-3 hour)

For large projects its a discovery phase:

Discuss the scope, what clients are looking to have done.

Go over style, sometimes it takes more than one consultation to review a clients design style (go over our questionnaire, inspiration photos, paint color ideas, then you get your exact design style profile after we review these details and meet again).

For a one time consultation*:

Discuss anything they want within that time frame.

Review any ideas you have or items you've picked out.

How to layout your existing furniture.

Or selecting paint colors.

*Please note, we can't provide whole designs within the time frame of 2-3 hours. Check out our Design a Room or E-Design Services.

At the end of the Initial Consultation, our clients sign on for a whole design service (check out our services page).

Our Flexible Design Process:

For clients who want the design all at once, we meet at the initial consultation, the design style consultation, and then again at design presentation.

For the client who wants DIY help, we can break down the design to be provided it in stages. We also offer flexible time blocks as you work on your project with our Designer On-Call. For advice while out selecting furnishing or construction materials, we offer our Shop w/ a Designer service. And for styling and staging your home, we offer a one time in home Interior Styling Session.

Get started now with an Interior Design Consultation

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