Historic Home Paint Colors: Downtown Riverside / Wood Streets

Selecting paint colors can be a challenge. From staying within the historic colors to finding the right combination of paint colors. Paint colors can be a complicated design dilemma.

Downtown Riverside / Wood Street Historic Home Paint Colors

Have you wondered why some colors just don't end up looking good? Or how different colors work well together while others just don't?

Historical homes like those found in Downtown Riverside and the Wood Streets present their own challenges for the different trim and sliding when considering exterior paint colors. The paint color schemes are often 3 or more colors not including the door which is typical for historic homes.

Historical color schemes can often be limited in the range of colors if you want to stay historically accurate.

Also the science behind color has alot to do with it. We work with you to find what colors work well for your home if its shaded by large trees or if it received a lot of natural lighting.

Did you know that we have the complete sets of paint chips from all the major brands?

We as designers are a large group of specifiers for the paint companies, so they created special designer kits for us to have on hand in our studio or out in the field. When we come to your home we can bring whichever manufacturer you prefer or we can bring them all.

More info on our paint consultation.

Whats in our designer kits:

1. All the paint fans for each series the paint manufacturers carry.

2. Detachable paint chip fans or binders. (whatever colors we select you get to keep the paint chips).

3. Guides to the manufacturers paint colors

We are a mobile paint chip store for you with not just one manufacturers paint chips.

As we work together with you on selecting the right paint color for your home you will see the selection process in weeding out the colors that just aren't a good option. During the consultation you will receive recommendation on what to do after the consultation, tips on working with painting contractors to make sure your paint color comes out exactly like the paint chip you selected. Along with advice on how and where to paint paint swatches on your wall. And if you need a follow up consultation, we can come out for a recheck.

Before you spend endless trips to the paint store looking at paint chips under bad lighting that isn't the lighting in your home, schedule a paint consultation. Call 909-214-4636.

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