How To Make A Small Space Look Large


Hi everyone! This is Christina from McManaway Interior Design. Today I have some quick tips for you on how to make a small room large. Here is my little list, so just in case I don't forget. Okay.

Number one is to get appropriately scaled furniture for your space. And I know this is really hard but if you sketch out your space and measure it, make sure that there is adequate walking room around. Pick something that is smaller, but first make sure you measure your space so you know your furniture will fit.

Number two it probably goes without saying but declutter or take out stuff and pack it away. And leave more open spaces on your coffee table and side tables to give the appearance of that there is negative space.

Number three what I think is an under utilized tool is lighting. Avoid recessed lighting if possible, I know its really popular but it can have downward appearance on something and make a room feel shorter and it glares in peoples eyes. So I recommend you get floor lamps and use more table lamps instead to highlight your space instead of relying on any type of ceiling lighting. It will illuminate your space more effectively and make sure you have a bright enough wattage to reach all the way across the room sometimes you don't need multiple lights, sometimes you can have just one and its very effective but it has a nice tone in shining both downwards and upwards. And I know that seems really contradictory because the sun is high in the sky and everything but it just has a more appealing look to it. If you've ever looked in a mirror when you in the bathroom, and the light is like really here, you see that it kinda casts down on your face its not a very appealing look. But if you step back from it and its further away, it doesn't have such a harsh look to it and thats what kind happens when you bring the lighting source down a bit.

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