How To Organize Your Kitchen

It’s a very unique time and with everyone at home, not able to venture out, what better thing than to take time to organize your kitchen.

Kitchen organization can be one of the harder things to pinpoint what you need to help your kitchen work better for you.

Each kitchen has its own unique issues.

Ever cook uses their kitchen differently:

  • some serve large groups

  • some are bakers

  • some make homemade meals from scratch

How To Organize Your Kitchen

Make A List of Your Daily Kitchen Activities

Do you make coffee everyday morning? Are you always using your toaster? Once you have a list of daily activities you can plan for making those easier. Are the things you need getting put away everyday or sitting out?

Review Your Repetitive Movements in Your Kitchen

Are you having to move around a lot? Maybe your walking past your kitchen island corner all the time. Does it bother you when you have to reach for the refrigerator from where you prep food? If you can draw them out in a small sketch.

Are You Cooking With More Than One Person In The Kitchen

A multiple cook kitchen has its own set of needs that make it complex. Certain people will gravitate to a particular counter space that conflicts with walking patterns.

With 90% of our time spent indoors, learn how design is changing

Is There A Particular Activity You Do Regularly

Maybe you like baking cookies or maybe your into food prep. These more complex tasks require functional spaces within the kitchen for prepping ingredients. One of my favorites is making Eggplant Parmesan, a recipe that require a lot of counter space next to the range which my current kitchen doesn’t have.

Make a Complete Grocery List

Review your list and figure out what a has a permanent location and what keeps moving every time you bring it home. Chances are what you are putting in a new place hasn’t found a home you are happy with.

Much of this is in our client questionnaire that we go over with our client when beginning a kitchen design. Every client has different needs and wants for how they need their kitchen to function.

Designing your kitchen is that one chance you have to organize and plan out how you work in your kitchen.

If your in need of a kitchen design book us online to start your project.

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