Need a Floor Plan?

Did you know a bad floor plan can cost you money?

Yep, I know that sounds weird but its true! And I've seen it! From being on vacation in rentals to yep...experiences in my own home from mistakes made by the home builder!

Are you designing your kitchen or living room and need an idea of the layout?

Don't fall in that trap! You are in the planning stages of your project, don't let this opportunity pass you by! You have a chance to hire a designer, so do it! Keep reading to find out the big blunders I've seen!

Try our E-Design Floor Plan Service.

E-Design Floor Plan Layout

Here is how a bad layout can cost you money.

  • Cabinets can't open all the way.

  • You buy the wrong size sofa for your room (too small and the scale is off/ too large and you can't fit other furniture you bought).

  • Placement of appliances conflict with one another.

  • You buy the wrong size rug.

  • You end up with wasted space in your kitchen where a cabinet could have filled that space and given you more storage.

  • Your room layout causes you and guests to run into furniture and hurt yourself or damage the furniture.

  • You can't open your refrigerator all the way.

Not only do I know these problems, but I've experienced them personally and the costs to fix them aren't something you can afford.

When you've purchased the cabinetry for a kitchen its too late to fix!

If you bought a sofa or other piece of casework for your bedroom or living room it may not be returnable once you notice there is a problem because you've used the furniture already!

Why Not To DIY Your Floor Plan:

  • A designer knows the right measurements that work for each type of room.

  • Every room is different, what works for a room you see online, may not work for your room.

  • You need to know the rules to break the rules; not every home is perfect and sometimes the rules need to be broken because of space limitations.

  • A qualified designer has the necessary training and education.

  • Interpreting a clients lifestyle needs are part of the process of developing a successful design.

  • Details, details, details...its alot to keep track of especially if its not your everyday job!

Don't wait to find out after install that your floor plan does not work.

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