Design Dilemma: New Construction Homebuyer

New Construction Homebuyer Interior Design Dilemma

Are you looking to buy a new construction home or maybe build your own?

As part of my studies in interior design, I got my real estate license. I'm sure your asking yourself....why? Well I wanted to understand more about analyzing real estate as an investment and the housing market as a whole.

Design decisions you make today can effect the value and sell-ability of your home later on. You have the chance to pick the quality of materials and finishes used in your home before its even built. And why not maximize your potential of appreciation in your home with making great design choices.

Being ready to take on these design dilemmas with an interior designer from the start, can help ease your stress and make the process more enjoyable and less of a guessing game.

Here are a few challenges you might encounter:

  • picking finishes before moving in

  • selecting a functional layout for you and your family

  • what builder options to pick and what to upgrade yourself later or...

  • elevating the value of your home with educated design decisions

  • choosing the correct flooring, cabinet styles/ strains, tile, and paint for your style

  • visiting the builders design center or material showrooms

  • viewing photos online that you like but not knowing how to bring that style to your space

  • customizing your space includes tile patterns, lighting fixture styles, accessories that enhance the space and don't distract or take away from your original intent style execution

Once you move in you have a whole other set of challenges:

  • how should it be incorporate your furnishings

  • understanding who you function in your new space and how that effects your furniture layout

  • selecting the right window treatments for each room

  • embracing the architectural era or the era your architecture is based off of will that art piece look better here or there

  • where to place art on the walls

  • what your style is and how mixing the wrong elements can make your style look confused

  • how to get that home builder model staged interior so you love your home as much as when you toured the model

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Seeking help from an interior designer with these new construction homebuyer design dilemmas can help give you the confidence in making the right decisions for you.

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