Our Process: Finding Your Interior Design Style

Over the years of trial and error, we have developed a strong frontend process to managing projects we feel works great for our client and we want to share this with you so you know the tremendous benefits it offers to you as a client of McManaway Interior Design.

Once we start a project, one of the many frontend processes before we even start designing is finding your Interior Design style. We use a mix of methods which includes a questionnaire, taking photos of your space, and reviewing inspiration photos. Taking our knowledge of Interior Design and create a Style Profile.

The most important tool is our knowledge of Interior Design.

Our process is different than entering basic answers and out comes for Style Profile...its just not that easy! Finding your interior design style is a process that is heavily weighted in our ability to type our clients accurately and effectively from the education I received in school where I studied architecture and interior design history.

Before we are quick to jump in selecting flooring, tiles, paint colors, furniture, and decor we need to establish an Interior Design Style.

Something as simple as a color palette and be design style specific. Its only after typing our clients style that we can then start getting specific on what type of items we will be bringing into the space.

Why is this so important:

You’ve probably seen on design shows where clients are shock or even hates what the designer presents. Thats a result of poor frontend processes when going over the clients style!

Once our clients style is established then we discuss the room color palette, types of materials they like and don’t like, and the motifs we plan to use.

If you’d like to know more about our 15 step process visit our process page.

Taking the necessary time to lay a solid foundation of goals and where we are going is a process we have developed over the years in our business.

These processes cannot be skipped or shortened which is something we get a lot of requests for. Doing so only creates problems later on where items are being introduced that don’t fit the style, function, or goals which can result in you wasting money. We've learned its best to stick with our process that provides a great experience for our clients.

We hope you enjoyed learning about what its like to be a client at McManaway Interior Design, and if you are interested in hiring us, schedule a consultation or contact us.

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