Our Process: Keeping Track of Paperwork on Your Interior Design Project

Papers, Papers, Papers....As soon as you start your project you start accumulating papers.

Paperwork is inevitable even though we'd like to avoid it.

Whether it is paint chips, small sketches, printed photos from pinterest that you like, bids, invoices, and the list goes on.

During our design process, our binders are a guide.

You need a place to put all those papers so they don't get lost. This is why we give our clients a client binder. Our client binders are used to focus our attention on the tasks at hand. If we are working on the floorplan, we have all the essential detail right in our binder. If we are working on art, rugs, and accessories all the neccessary specifications for the space and what items and sizes needed are in the binder. Its a way of organizing all the details so our clients know whats happening and when. Don't be surprised when you didn't realize your designer was picking an item you didn't need. We go over all the details so you are in the know.

When you work with McManaway Interior Design, we keep a project binder. We have one and you have one.

For example, as a client of McManaway Interior Design one of the benefits is having us design your project is later on when you need to clean your cabinetry or your countertop and want to avoid damaging or void your warranty. Just refer to your client binder which will have the manufacturer recommendations. No guessing needed!

This helps you to locate any paper related to your project for future reference.

Say when you purchase flooring from us, all the info goes in your binder, you purchase window treatments from us all the invoices and info on that fabric go in the binder, not just basic info. If some problems arises don't be the person asking everyone where do you go to find the info you need. We print out everything for our clients in relation to the products you purchase, you can’t rely on that info to stay on the internet forever for you to refer to later. We know the paperwork you need.

Client binders are the greatest way to keep your project on track and avoid confusion.

Video Transcript:

Hi there, This is Christina from McManaway Interior Design. I have a few minutes before my client meeting but I wanted to show you my binder that I keep everything that I'm working on with my clients. I do this with all my clients, they have one and I have one, and they are supposed to look exactly the same. And so this is where I keep all the design documents, everything we are working on, all my notes, paint chips, inspiration photos, everything stays in one spot that way we are always organized and staying up to date with whatever paperwork we are working on. It helps with the confusion in making sure that we know where we are at and just all the different details. So if you are interested in hiring me for a project, please hit me up at McManaway Interior Design. Talk to you soon. Bye

We recommend you keep all info about your project in your binder, products you purchased for reference to warranties, manufacturer spec sheets for cleaning instructions, or floor plan layout options we developed during the design process.

The client binder is just part of our process, that works as a check and balance to make your project run smoothly and avoid any missed details.

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