Our Process: When Clients Want to Be Involved in the Design Process

Did you know we work with all types of clients?

Many clients love being involved and part of the design process.

While it’s not a common practice in the field of interior design, we help clients who are working on their remodel but need the help of an interior designer. Like full service clients who want us to handle everything, these full service clients also want complete professionally designed spaces but want a more active role in the process of selecting the details.

Design in Stages

How The Process Works:

Design In Stages - We provide the same design deliverables it’s just done in a way that manages the scope of work in pieces. We meet together at preset stages to make decisions based on the sourced options we have selected.

Regular Design - Designer works to complete the design options all at once then presents the whole complete design at one time.

Both Methods Offer The Same Great Services and Resources

Why Work With Us:

When you work with us, we source from our designer resources and provide a top quality design that’s impossible for our clients to put together and for the same price as we offer since many resources are exclusive designer resources and pricing (don’t forget we share a portion of our discount to help offset our design fees and meet your budget, even a DIYers budget).

What We Don’t Recommend:

We don’t recommend our clients shop or design their space along side us. Meaning if you know we are pulling samples for materials, the client is also doing the same.

Often times the places you can sourcing from aren't where we are sourcing from because we select products from our vetted vendor list that works with interior designers, knows how to service interior designers and their clients, has quality products, and in alot of cases works exclusively with interior designers only and not the general public.

How Are You The Client Still Involved:

With each preset stage we are reviewing different options for whatever the scope is that we are working on.

For example, if we are working on tile, your designer will be bringing you the best options from all the sources. After defining your style, we filter out all the options that don't apply to your style. If we were to shop together you have all the options in front of you including those that don't fit your style.

This is where our clients can experience design fatigue and get confused. You can veer off your style because although we all have our own style, we also admire others for their beauty which can lead us to select wrong.

When you let us do all the hard work of pre-selecting options to present to you:

- The color has been verified

- The motifs and styling have been reviewed for a cohesive style

- And you get the best tile samples from all the vendors from the comfort of your home

The final choices are still yours and you get to enjoy the best parts of the process of interior design.

Interesting is working with us? Contact us today.