Planning a Kitchen Remodel?

We all know taking on a kitchen remodel can get a large burden. You've got endless hours of researching your style, looking on pinterest to find out what you like, narrowing down all the options, and making sure you didn't miss something important.

......and of course, you have the fear that maybe what you select won't look good when its all finished.

Planning a kitchen remodel with an interior design means you aren't doing it alone and hoping you'll get it right.

Planning a Kitchen Remodel? Southern California

Making serious decisions that will effect the next 10-20 years of your life in your home. These are not small decisions. It can be alot of stress on a person yet somehow you walked into this decision to remodel with a smile on your face and the level of excitement for something new that speaks to who you are and your needs.

We understand all these issues and we want to make sure your remodel remains a positive and exciting experience for you.

Here is where it pays to have an interior designer:

  • Our design style questionnaire

  • Our kitchen questionnaire

  • Our understanding of color in materials

  • Our knowledge of the latest in trends

  • Our resources: designer quality material

  • Our ability to see a completed space

  • Our expertise with the design and construction process

  • Our understanding of construction materials where and how to use them

  • Our ability to apply your lifestyle to your floorplan layout

As an interior designer, we work with you to lower the level of stress from the remodel process.

From taking one item at a time, processing your ideas, and putting them into action we work side by side to create the kitchen you always wanted. Never having to worry "did you research enough?" "will these colors look good together?" because you have an interior designer.

Don't miss out on a design detail or feeling the pressure to make design decision on the contractors timeline.

We help you navigate your kitchen remodel from the start before any demo takes place. We want to make sure that you are active during the selection of materials so you can see what works best with your style. From visits to the slab yard and consultation With the cabinetry makers, we coordinate with you to achieve a complete custom design.

With an interior designer, you can have confidence in the decision making process and get all the help you need without having to know everything yourself.

We serve Southern California and beyond.

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