Popular Interior Design Mistakes When Renovating Your Home


Hi Guys, This is Christina from McManaway Interior Design. Today I wanted to talk to you about something that's really important, its is:

"Popular Interior Design Mistakes When Renovating Your Home."

So I got my little list right here:

Number 1: It is "Not Replacing All the Flooring All At Once"

So say you only have a small budget or something,and you decide to do one room and then you decide to do something else in another room. Now that's kind of where you start to run into problems where your design starts to loss its cohesiveness because its not...say you end up with three or four different types of flooring throughout your home. So maybe you have carpet in this room, then hardwood, then you went to a tile in the kitchen, and you have lanolium in the laundry room. Stuff like that so when your not replacing all the flooring all at once, it can have a non cohesiveness to it. So I recommend you replace it all at once whether even if its different types, just get it done all at once so its intentional and it comes off when your in the planning stages, it will come off as you thought it through completely. But if your doing room by room you just don;t have a design plan, chances are when you get to another room you'll change your mind and that can be a problem.

Number 2: "Using the Same Cabinetry Throughout Your Home"

I know that one of those things where you might want to but I like to do kind of a custom look so I wouldn't put the same type of cabinets or the same color cabinets in my kitchen as I would in the bathroom. Here is the same type of cohesiveness so just make sure your staying intentional with it. It doesn't have to be matching tones...wood tones or paint color or whatever...change it up, feel free to give your house that custom look just make sure you do it thoughout the whole thing not just you did it here once but then you decided to go back to that other cabinetry or whatever. Be intentional about your design decisions from the beginning.