Historic Preservation of Antique Furniture

Historic Preservation of Antique Furniture

During my interior design program, I had many opportunities to learn about the history of architecture, interiors, and art.

Although today these three categories are thought of independent of one another the artisans of the past would overlap. Architects would design every detail in the interiors of the homes. Artists who paints would be commissioned to paint the interior.

I’ve always enjoyed learning about antiques. When they were created, how they were made. I studied numerous books on the subject and created my own textbook of antique furniture for one of my classes.

Preserving Antiques for Future Generations

Antique furniture comes with a deep history from each small detail. The historic preservation of antique furniture takes research and time to review the history behind the piece. A change in the style of leg, the type of wood inlay pattern, or the carving of a motif in the wood: all denote their era.

Preserving antique furniture comes with challenges:

  • having to re-enforce the frame

  • repairing wood damage from termites and old age

  • tightening the springs

  • replacing the interior foam to maintain a curvature in the fabric

Making an Antique New Again

Many options are available to our clients who wish to restore an antique piece of furniture:

  • designer exclusive fabrics

  • stain resistant finishes that will bubble red wine

  • vendors who work exclusively with interior designers that aren’t available to the general public (that’s why we can’t provide referrals to our trades).

At McManaway Interior Design, we work with your style and create a custom design for your antique furniture that stays classic for years to come. From selecting the fabric pattern, fabric texture, and appropriate type fabrics to analyzing the motifs and appropriate style that work for your home. We work with our trades to execute a design with details and drawings that show the exactly design.

Keep your antique furniture pieces around for the next generation to enjoy. Rest assured your pieces will be restored to handle modern day living.

Need a antique piece of furniture restored? Contact us, to get started.

*Please note, our upholsterer works "to the trade only" we cannot provide you a referral as they don't do business directly with the public.

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