Top 10 Must Have Decorative Accents

Changing style with the current trends of the day mean decorative accents are in and out of style quickly. Therefore, we made a list of the top must have decorative accents for today. Whats hot and what you may even find is hard to get.

1. Blue Ginger Jars: Tall with asian motifs, these beauties have been around for some time but are seeing a rise to the top of our list. Clustered together in groups of 3 or more, they work well for entry tables. Or have them as a stand alone piece. Their classic styling will stand the test of time.

2. For a formal office, an oversized jack give your room a hint of masculinity. Use as a paper weight for a desk accessory. Pair them with a black leather tray or other black leather office accessories for a finished masculine look.

3. Floral vase fillers are back! But not just any vase fillers, plant trends change often so don't pick the brightest color flower at your local craft store. Instead when your out looking at furniture like here in Southern California look at Pier 1 or West Elm, pick up your vase fillers from them.

4. Orb: you'll see them all over in your favorite interior photos on Pinterest. Styling them correctly is key as they are often large and as a metal element, they have a very heavy feel. Balance them with more natural elements to warm a space.

5. Glass Jewelry Boxes: So you've got some small treasured knick knacks right? What better way to display them than placing them in a glass jewelry box. Display the box on your nightstand or side table to enjoy everyday.

6. Take your favorite indoor small plants and cluster them together in a beautifully arranged carved wood bowls or even a dough bowl. Dough bowls are another item that's been around forever, but now it's getting a new twist as a centerpiece for your dining room table.

7. Glass vase with a color tint will soon be a classic. Take the most dominant color in your room and find a glass vase that matches to pull your room design together.

8. Spheres with Spikes come in various sizes, colors, and styles. Great for bookcases, cocktail tables, and entry tables. Pair with other more modern decor to keep your style cohesive. If your into feng shui you might want to avoid these.

9. Stacking decorative boxes give you height where sometimes your decor will sit flat on a surface making your room look plain and uncoordinated. Styling accessories is a skill which comes with regular practice.

10. Textured vases/pottery give that pop in an otherwise very mellow room. Look for something with a unique style, pattern, or motif that you know you have liked for years.

Keep in mind whats in style today may not be out tomorrow. Even the way accessories are styled together has changed over the years.

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