Wellness and Biophilic Design in the New Normal

The "New Normal" is refocusing our attention on our interiors.

No other time in history has the world collectively remained inside their homes and disconnected with personal contact the other people and nature than now.

Human kind has been on a path for the past 100 years. Moving to a lifestyle that includes living indoors 90% of the time.

The "New Normal" is now a more concentrated form of indoor living blurring the lines of personal, professional, and recreational lives: the "Stay at Home Lifestyle."

The mental restorative quality (or lack thereof) of our interiors is amplified as we are disconnected from other humans and our ability to get out in nature. If your home is lacking, you can feel it with increased stress levels. The inefficiencies from our interiors for the present day is right before our eyes. Addressing our health and the health of our homes is the core of Wellness and Biophilic Design.

We are at a turning point.

For so long we have accepted what was.

We allowed our focus on traveling to restore our mental health. We relied on contact with the outside world, thriving from our travels to places that mental restore us, full of rich culture and beautiful landscapes. Now we sit among our interiors feeling it’s lack of wellness and biophilic qualities, most people assuming its the isolation that's bothering them when actually is has a name: biophilia.

We accepted things we didn't need to accept:

  • Unhealthy interiors

  • Toxins in our buildings

  • The removal of natural restorative materials in place of “better,” “stronger,” synthetic, man made materials we thought paved the way to our future

  • Design just because its beautiful, not because it can improve our health.

But our future is different now.

Our future is now something we didn't see even two months ago.

A future where wellness in our homes means our physical and mental health.

Wellness Design might not mean anything to you until:

It’s touched you personally with someone unwell in your family.


A situation where you personally are deprived of your need to connect with living things (people and nature with social distancing).

Now is the time we can make a change for the future.

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