Why DIYing Your Remodel Is Harder Than You Think ...Before Your Start Demo READ THIS

Getting that finished and polished look is often overlooked when you think of DIYing your project.

Many issues can come up that DIYers don’t take into account when remodeling a home themselves.

From the initial design to a completed project. A home remodel is a complicated process.

For a designer, we’ve been through the process it looks likes it’s effortless. Having a designer at your side makes your project easier for you.

Going alone you have no one with a solid process to lean on.

Having a professional who understands your design means you don’t need to be their for the finer details you don’t want to get involved with.

Here are a few problems you can encounter without knowing it.

Does your door frame have a gap in the wood?

Is your tile grout equal in size?

Does the flooring move or stop short by an 1/8” short?

Is clauking used to fill a 1/4” gap where wood should be?

Do you kitchen cabinets have large filler wood mouldings?

Do your windows slide smoothly?

Did you follow the manufacturers instructions for installation?

Does your shower wall tile look straight?

Do your door case mouldings line up without gaps?

Did you buy the right tile for the bathroom shower floor or is it not meant for showers?

Do your doors open properly without catching on the door jam or flooring?

Does your flooring slide or is your grout cracking?

Does your home have different floor mouldings?

Does the texture on your walls look different in different rooms?

Does your door automatically close or open without you doing anything?

Did you purchase flooring that will only last you a few years without seeing wear?

Do the cabinet drawers open and close without issues?

Was enough allowances made for the shirking and expanding of your wood flooring with the change in seasons?

Can you see the old color paint under the new color?

Did you replace your flooring and now the doors have a gap on the bottom.

Most homeowners see the fun side on tv but rarely do the see the technical construction side that can turn into a headache.

While DIYing a floor may sound fun a quality install can mean the difference between well spent money or having to redo it in a few years.


An art form that comes from practice and knowledge of how to do something because you've do it over and over again. Sure some things do look hard. But often times special techniques and tools of the trade that the professional use, that a professional installation look way different than a DIY.

When at the end of a project, finishing up is where homeowners might skip things they don’t feel need to be done. Get tired and not do that final hard cut.

The Last 5% of work:

When a project is done by professional trades, your designer will create a punch list of any unfinished or incorrect items that need fixed. That last 5% of work can make or break a project and how it was executed. We've all experienced it, where we started something and lost our steam or passion and didn't finish it to the end. Our home is one area we don't want to start something and miss the mark of that last 5%.

DIYing may sound fun ....but when the little small details need to be handled, certain techniques are used to achieve a seamless professional installation.

Having visited a job site yesterday. I was reviewing issue like the location of the exhaust fan because of a beam we couldn’t drill threw, location a gas line so we could run the hood exhaust. If these things done sound interesting to you when the list is 20 items long your best to bring in a designer so you can enjoy the tile selection process and work together on the more fun side and leave the harder just to a trained professional.

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