Why You Need Interior Design

Why Does Coordinating Your Interior Design Style Matter?

With the vast spectrum of interior design styles, bringing together a cohesive, historically accurate style is more difficult than ever.

Why You Need Interior Design

Here is what to watch out for:

  1. One color shift and an item might not work for your kitchen.

  2. An incorrect motif and your style is all over the place.

  3. Mixing the wrong woods and you look like a cookie cutter special or a diy disaster.

Coordinating your interior design style with an interior designer means you don't need to know everything yourself to have a perfect and historically accurate home design.

Let your stress go so you can enjoy the process and know that all the important questions that need answers will be brought to you without you having to figure it out yourself and hope you didn't miss a small detail that causes a big problem.

Each Interior Design Style is Different in What Works Well Together:

  • Architectural Details

  • Mouldings

  • Motifs

  • Mix of Paint Colors

  • Tile

  • Stone

  • Cabinetry

  • Wood Stains

  • Landscaping

  • .....and more

And Most Importantly....How They With Together.

Questions an Interior Designer Can Answer:

1. Does Crown Moulding belong in your houses architecture?

2. Is Dark Stain Cabinetry okay is your houses bathroom?

3. Will a Raised Panel Cabinet Door look right in your kitchen?

4. Will this Countertop look okay with the Backsplash and Flooring you picked out?

5. Does the style of Backsplash tile even coordinate with the style of my furniture and decor?

You will be faced with many questions during your remodel. These questions are not always easy to get answers to if you haven't done the research.

Instead of finding out after it’s installed, an interior designer will let you know BEFORE its installed which can save you money.

At McManaway Interior Design, we work directly with our clients to give them actionable advice for their home remodel that’s accurate according to their style category.

If your in the Southern California area and need an interior designer, call us today to get started: 909-214-4636

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