Working Remotely: Healthy Home Office Design and Biophilic Design

Are you working remotely?

It might be time for a home office redesign - specifically a biophilic design home office focusing on health and wellness.

Working remotely has its challenges:

noise control

staying focused

desk space/ organization


private phone calls and video conferencing

Added stress from all that goes on at home can add to your level of frustration. And with current events, the whole family is staying home more which adds to that level of frustration if you don't have a home office that functions well.

Wellness Interior Design is a problem solving method for how our lives function: helping us maintain and improve our health, and increase our productivity.

Health starts to become a major concern with all the hours we spend indoors. Roughly 90-95% of our time is spent inside. Indoor air quality and siting at a desk all day adversely effects our with many communities looking to socially isolate and stay home, those adverse health effects will be amplified.

Much of what’s new in design is health and wellness focused interiors as we’ve lost that connection to the elements that reduce our stress and enrich our lives with our modern indoor lifestyle.

Biophilic Design, is a growing trend in commercial spaces as large corporations are seeking to increase productive and make their employees working environments more healthy. For example, the Google campus' with their unique branding are great case studies for Biophilic Design. Biophilic Design is a scientific based design method based on our innate connect to the outside.

Now more than ever as we social distance from social activities, gatherings, and remain inside, the style and beautiful of our homes and the restorative benefits of our interiors will play a dramatic role in our mental and physical health.

Interested in starting your wellness project and specifically a home office design?

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